Kick-Ass Boss Academy

Leadership is learned

You’re running a small business - you’ve hired a few people, the business is growing, and things are looking good. All those charts show jagged red lines going up up up….

But under the surface, things are less than awesome.

You love the work and are stoked about building your dream business, but your goal of working hard and maintaining a positive attitude is feeling strained.

The “fun team atmosphere” you’re trying to create with Plaid Friday results mostly in you teasing people (good-naturedly?) for not participating.

The undertones on your team range from awkward avoidance to blatant insubordination ... maybe there’s even a little bit of outright garbage behavior.

Here’s the thing: the effort and expertise you used to build your business are not the same skill set that will help you be a resonant leader who cultivates a sustainable, positive team culture.

That leadership skill gap is why I created the Kick-Ass Boss Academy.

You’re not alone in experiencing this skill gap. I often see it with high performers and experts who build teams around them. Whether it’s a sports team or an innovative start-up, the drive and expertise of the person in charge do not easily translate into an ability to be an emotionally intelligent boss.

How leaders behave and communicate creates the culture for their team.

Habitual actions grounded in emotional intelligence are your best bet for creating a sustainable organization

I should know –– I’ve been on teams since grade school, including one so bad that I held my own practices so we could get away from a toxic coach. And I’ve found myself on a team dogsledding across Hudson Bay in thermometer-breaking cold, a place where real teamwork really matters.

Leadership development can be rough. I frequently work with roller derby teams where big hits get big cheers. Even in that environment, being able to hit hard is only part of what it takes to be a great leader.

I love to see businesses grow. And I know that growth doesn't have to include a toxic culture.

It all starts with leadership.

You go from founder to boss as your team grows, yet 85 percent of small business owners struggle with this new role.

The Kick-Ass Boss Academy helps leaders understand their power, communicate culture, and manage conflict well so they can do right by their people.

Join my intensive program to elevate your emotional intelligence and build a productive, profitable, and sustainable business.

The Kick-Ass Boss Academy is a fast-paced 6-week workshop plus 1:1 implementation sessions designed to give you the critical skill foundation and build your habits as an emotionally intelligent leader who is an expert in their field AND creates a psychologically safe team culture.

You’ll get a grip on your leadership power and how that impacts your decision-making and behavior. Learn how to actively communicate culture every day to combat the neglect-to-toxicity pipeline that drags down so many organizations. And you’ll learn an ultra-practical conflict management practice that changes behavior and builds stronger relationships simultaneously.

So that’s:

  • 6 weeks of training: skills, practice, and habit building to elevate your emotional intelligence and make a thriving, productive team culture easy to maintain.
  • Three 1:1 implementation sessions to address the nuances of your situation, craft doable, effective execution plans, and troubleshoot along the way.
  • Access to the Wise Leadership Principles Guide and Leadership Worthy of Followership on-demand mini-course to feed your leadership learning trajectory.

And never, ever having to roll into your workplace on Monday with that little (or big) pit of dread in your stomach, knowing that you'll have to deal with an icky atmosphere or frustrating/tiring/confusing/awkward interactions with your teammates.


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You have the skills and expertise to build a growing business, let me help you round out the interpersonal skills side so you can be a kick-ass boss.

The Kick-Ass Boss Academy will show you how.

If that sounds interesting to you, I’d love to have a quick chat about how I can support you and your leadership.

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