Resources for Leadership and Learning

I’m a teacher at heart, and I love creating resources that help you move forward on whatever situation you’re dealing with.

Here’s my latest selection of resources for leaders and course creators:

What is Anti-Capitalist Leadership?

Enjoy this 14 minute video presentation of me in action explaining anti-capitalist leadership and how it informs my work.

Emotionally Intelligent Conflict Management Demonstration

What if you knew how to make conflict a good thing for yourself and the people around you, reaching a true win-win instead of a win-lose, or worse, a lose-lose? It can be done –– and in this free pre-recorded video demonstration, I’ll walk you through exactly how to make it happen.

You’ll learn:

- Why conflicts degenerate into ugliness, and how you can preemptively keep that from happening.

- The 5 keys to shifting a conflict into win-win territory.

- Exactly what to say and do when you’re confronted with a conflict that makes you uncomfortable.

Get the free recording here!

Hear from experts

Very smart people are writing things all over the place about how to lead with emotional intelligence and teach in a way that is powerful and effective. I've collected some that I've found particularly useful on my Pinterest page. (Yes, for real!)

Take a look here!