I love my clients –– and the feeling’s mutual!

Photo by Kate Sprout

“Iggy is thoughtful, educated and insightful in sharing her perspectives. She challenges my thinking in a kind, loving manner that was very helpful and exactly what I was expecting and wanting.” -DeAnna Pickett, LPC

"Working with Iggy opened lines of communication that were not even real last year - and that's what we needed so bad."- Jenna Specht

"What I like about your style in general is that in my 15+ years working in corporate environments sometimes I feel like teambuilding or coaches that are brought in are are a little bit patronizing and I've felt like "I ain't got time for this s$#!". I didn't even realize you were doing what you were doing at our last meeting. I was like, "Who's that person? I like what she's doing." It was as simple as that." - Ryan Sage

“I think the part that awed me the most was the culture we created amongst ourselves. We were all very vulnerable and upfront about our goals and ambitions and with that openness came a natural progression of important dialogue and feedback. It was very cool to see how comfortable we were with one another by the end of the whole thing. - Big Bang Fury, Rose City Rollers

Iggy's work with us has helped align our actions with our goals and build a driven and positive team culture." - Sarah Gaither

“The perspective offered around my issue helped me rethink the challenge and definitely find more empathy for the other party, which has helped me take a step back and not allow it to weigh on me as greatly” - London, SO Derby

“Wow, what an experience! Thank you so much for finding time in your busy schedule to meet with us before we left. It was so helpful to have set those intentions before leaving and helped us remain in a positive, team oriented head space. I really can’t say enough what a difference it made. You were part of what we did on that track!” - NLD

“Before our session I was more intuitive about my course structures, but afterwards I realized that there's science that backs up some clear and effective teaching strategies. Iggy helped me see that there are clear and specific strategies to delivering your material in a way that your audience will engage with and then utilize in the real world.” Josh Tobiessen, Founder, Shared Story Consulting

“Working with Iggy has been amazing. She really helped us identify where overall we are a pretty strong team and where our weaknesses are and helped us become even stronger. Sometimes you don’t notice when people are upset. When you feel like you have a really strong dynamic and relationship with your team you end up overlooking that. Working with Iggy helped us identify those people that are getting lost in the process and make us much stronger both on the track and off the track, mentally and physically.” - Amber Castaldo

“Iggy facilitated honest discussions that are maybe a little difficult for our team to get to in a way that didn’t feel hostile. It didn’t feel like a confrontation, it felt like a conversation and I really liked that. Not just a conversation about difficult subjects, but also stuff we don’t usually talk about like why are we here on the team, how we feel supported by the team and communicating ways our needs have been met, as well as needs that aren’t being met.” Brute - Rose City Rollers

“I think so far I've learned how valuable it is to devote time and mental energy to becoming a better leader, to face challenges head-on and be intentional about overcoming them. - Scar Trek, DC Rollergirls”

Clients include: