Leadership Coaching and Learning for Individuals

Your development as a leader and your ability to both do and facilitate great work is inherently tied to who you’ve got in your corner. Tag me in!

Kick-Ass Boss Academy

From founder to leader, take your business from start-up to thriving. 85 percent struggle with this new role. Join my intensive program to elevate your emotional intelligence and build a productive, profitable, and sustainable business.

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1:1 Coaching for Individuals

Having the right support makes all the difference when it comes to developing yourself as a leader. I love going deep with people and helping become the kind of leader you need to be to do the work you want to do.

I meet you right where you’re at, and help you tackle whatever it is that’s getting in the way of you doing great work. A lot of times, that looks like values articulation, conflict management training, emotional intelligence development (but NOT in the way most people think about it), and figuring out ways to deal with whatever tricky problem’s got you tied up in knots.

Other times, we may focus more on educational effectiveness. After all, you can be the greatest expert in the world at something, but if you’re not able to share that knowledge or teach effectively, you’re hamstrung.

Everything I do in my 1:1s is custom-designed for you and your leadership and educational goals, and has a deep, lasting effect on your leadership and on your team.

1:1 engagements start at $1,000 and typically run 2 months.


Want to become the leader and educator you know you need to be to do great work?

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I regularly teach workshops on a variety of topics related to learning and leadership, both on my own platforms and as a guest with others. While the topics are constantly changing, one thing is always the same: you’ll walk out with concrete, actionable skills that will make a tangible difference in your work.

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Workshop on demand: Leadership Worthy of Followership Mini-Course

So many leaders out there got the job with no formal leadership training. Is that you? Or someone you know? Or describing a new role you're about to step into? Recreating leadership models we've seen before doesn't work as well as we imagine. Defaulting to friend/coworker mode won't help when things get tough.

This focused training is a fast way to get a grip on some solid leadership skills.

In this on-demand training you'll learn:

- What emotional intelligence is and why it's an important piece of your true leadership values.

- Wise leadership principles to guide you through confusing situations.

- Conflict management skills you can use today...right now.

Pricing starting at $37.

Zoom Co-Host

Hosting a meeting takes up a lot of bandwidth. Add in having to wrangle Zoom on top of that, and they’re extra draining –– not to mention that it becomes hard to do either element (hosting or Zoom wrangling) all that well.

Let me make it easy!

I’ll jump on your call and handle all the technical stuff, plus the participants. We’re talking things like:

  • Managing meeting security.
  • Incorporating your content into a meeting with smooth technical cues.
  • Running breakout rooms, video cues, slides, screen sharing and embedded apps and more.
  • Helping you prep so you feel confident and at-ease with your presentation.
  • Training you and other room hosts so you can learn how to do this for yourself if you want!

Zoom Co-Hosting starts at $100/hr

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Need what I do, but having issues with pricing? Let’s chat. I am 100% committed to making my work accessible, and to that end, I offer flexible pricing, no-interest payment plans and sometimes barter/trade. Please don’t let money hold you back from working with me. We’ll figure it out.

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