Organizational Consulting and Team Development

You know all the buzzwords about developing a culture of innovation, creating psychological safety, and promoting engagement and retention? I do the work that actually gets underneath those things and helps create organizations and teams people love to bring their best selves to.

Organizational Consulting

Great work can only happen when you create the structures and interpersonal dynamics that support it. I love coming into organizations of all sizes to change the way work happens so the organization is more stable and the people in it actually enjoy coming to work.

I work with for profit and nonprofit organizations to:

- Help senior leadership create the kind of organization that attracts and retains top talent (or in more human terms: I help you bring awesome people into your business and keep them happy!)

- Develop dynamic organizational policies that both serve your strategic goals and the needs of your staff.

- Have the conversations about that messy topic (yes, even that one) that’s been the elephant in the room for too long.

- Train team leaders in interpersonal dynamics and culture development.

- Make your organization stable and sustainable, even in the midst of economic uncertainty and the quickly-changing world of work.

Organizational consulting starts at $2500

Team Development
Got a “toxic team”? Or, want to get in front of things and avoid your team turning into garbage down the road? Or maybe you’re looking to bring your team together to do great work? We should talk. I love working with teams to create the kind of connections, engagement, and culture that make it possible to do the impossible.

I work with teams of all sizes to:

- Get everybody pulling in the same direction and genuinely excited about what you’re doing.

- Unsnag tricky power dynamics and complex interpersonal issues.

- Develop a sense of true camaraderie and engagement with your biggest projects.

- Take the ick out of toxic cultures to make teams psychologically safe, sustainable places to work again.

- Create game plans that make it possible for everybody to play to their strengths so you can all reach that great work peak faster than you thought possible.

- Build the bonds that keep teams performing highly even when things get tough.

Team development starts at $2500

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Need what I do, but having issues with pricing? Let’s chat. I am 100% committed to making my work accessible, and to that end, I offer scholarships, flexible pricing, and no-interest payment plans and sometimes barter/trade arrangements. Please don’t let money hold you back from working with me. We’ll figure it out.

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